Maximize your IT investment with Apptio

How we work with Apptio

Apptio Grant Thornton understands the strategic planning, human capital, cost management and performance analytics that help Apptio solutions make the most of your IT budget.

Here’s how Grant Thornton and Apptio work together to help companies maximize their IT investments:

Apptio provides
  • A suite of transparency, planning, and billing products to help financial management ensure IT cost efficiency in every model of delivery or deployment
  • Detailed real-time analytics, planning and optimization for all major cloud service providers and costs from migration through operation
  • Tools to create and monitor robust project and financial plans from ideation through execution, using a blend of operational and financial data to help you make the right decisions for the best returns

Grant Thornton provides
  • Experienced insight into planning, HR, financial and analytics
  • Understanding of Technology Business Management (TBM) culture transformation
  • Cost transparency and mission alignment through the use of existing IT, financial and other organizational data
  • Collaboration with CFO, CXO and business line executives

Together, Grant Thornton and Apptio help you demonstrate IT financial transparency and value to the stakeholders and leaders who are making strategic IT investment decisions. It’s one of the strategic alliances that help Grant Thornton drive more value for our clients.


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