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Diane Swonk is one of the most respected macroeconomists, who maintains a unique perspective on the inner workings of Main Street as well as Wall Street. She is an expert on the economics of the labor market, monetary policy and structural changes that are distinct from economic cycles.

Diane will enhance client services with her economic forecasting acumen and significant experience advising U.S. policy makers, central banks, multinational corporations and C-suite teams. A fellow and past-president of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) she is a certified business economist (CBE).

Diane Swonk
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Diane Swonk spoke with BBC America about soaring markets due to "a combination of factors: everything from deregulation, a stronger economy, low interest rates by the Fed and the promise of a tax cut coming true."

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Productivity will not be high enough to stem wage inflation, given the skills gap, Diane Swonk said on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street.

By spring and summer, I think you’ll see a lot more action from companies on wages, Diane Swonk told the Washington Post.

USA Today quotes Diane Swonk: The record-high stock market should continue to make Americans feel wealthier and spend more.

It's a whole new world to have labor markets tighten again. It's something employers are just beginning to grasp Swonk said to