Transform your public service
State and local agencies rely on our professionals to provide guidance with their complex initiatives. We understand government operations, and legislative and regulatory requirements. Our partners and senior staff include former state, local and federal government executives. They know your environment and have overcome the same types of challenges you face. In addition, many of our staff have worked for major systems vendors and integration firms. They apply first-hand experience in implementing complex, technology-enabled change.
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Helping government agencies transform public service. We collaborate with government execs to identify critical goals and objectives, chart the path to accomplish them, monitor progress and change course as evidence warrants.

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Providing innovative consulting services to maximize the effectiveness and impact of IT initiatives for federal, state, and local agencies. Our professionals help you navigate the public sector’s unique challenges in implementing new solutions — with guidance based on extensive experience with a wide array of government programs and operations. Rely on us to help you maximize the likelihood of success in undertaking challenging IT project initiatives.
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Using technology to deliver results in finance, supply chain, HR and asset management. We work with you to understand your challenges and create integrated, efficient and scalable technology solutions, addressing a broad range of system, process and organization needs.
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Transform challenges into opportunities for delivering service excellence and accomplishing mission. We help you leverage technology for optimal performance and preparation for future operational needs
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Aligning, integrating and measuring your cybersecurity enterprise. Our dedicated public sector professionals leverage specialized tech tools and analytics in risk assessment, simulations, testing, resilience, remediation and disaster recovery planning.
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Grant funding is subject to laws and regulations that require compliance, accountability, monitoring and stewardship of award dollars. Grant Thornton’s proven grants methodology and approach supports all aspects of a grant’s life cycle and is consistent with the standards for results-oriented accountability for grants. We have extensive experience developing tools and services that help agencies and recipients effectively manage their grant award portfolio.

  • Program and Process Management focuses on the development of programmatic processes, controls and technologies. We analyze workload; review programmatic compliance against Federal standards and requirements; perform quality assurance/quality control reviews and assessments; identify and analyze risk and identify options for managing that risk; and provide subject matter experts knowledgeable in federal program requirements and processes.
  • Compliance Monitoring and Fiscal Integrity focuses on forensic accounting, risk assessments and the identification of fraud, waste, abuse and misuse of funding. Our services include the development and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure that program requirements are met. In most cases this involves reviews of the procurement processes against written policies and guidance documents; and eligible cost validation of claimed cost.
  • Grants Management focuses on planning, implementing, coordinating and administering specific financial and administrative functions. Our services include reviewing operational efficiencies and making recommendations to streamline the grants management and fiscal control processes, to ensure accountability of the spending of federal funds and compliance with federal and/or state program regulations.
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With COVID-19 impacting day-to-day business activities, pharmaceutical companies have rapidly shifted focus from selling existing products to finding a cure for or therapies to treat the virus, while medical device companies are applying innovation to address shortages. The CARES Act makes it critical to address key supply chain provisions in time to strengthen your position while helping to save lives and return communities to health.

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Even as manufacturers manage disruptions to their business and anticipate financial and operational implications, the industry is keenly focused on producing the crucial products needed to overcome COVID-19 challenges.

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Given the myriad of issues facing nonprofit organizations that are being asked to do even more with less, leadership is challenged in considering the full impact of COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 environment has created unprecedented economic times for all of real estate. The impact of what is happening today will change the course of your company three to six months from now and beyond. Assessing the immediate and long-term impacts now will pay off as you align your company strategy to the new normal.

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Technology is stepping up to the challenge in the COVID-19 era. Remote working arrangements and social distancing have placed an even greater reliance on the use of technology to operate. Worker remote connectivity, increased use of online transactions and other essential activities are driven by capabilities in software, hardware and networking.  

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented influence on the operations of State and Local Governments and the impact on 2020 elections will be no different. Elections Officials are adapting today to potential changes in the future mechanisms of voting and are preparing their jurisdictions to adequately support and manage the changes to maintain a secure election.

As we learned in the 2016 general and 2018 mid-term elections, periods of uncertainty and crisis are a dream come true for adversaries, both foreign and domestic. COVID-19, political and civil unrest, and an uncertain economic outlook will be exploited by bad actors who seek to spread disinformation, disenfranchise voters, and damage citizens' confidence in our democracy. This challenging environment requires whole of government and whole of industry efforts to ensure a successful election by adjusting to COVID conditions, minimizing fraud, maximizing voter engagement, and protecting against external interference. There are five key areas for states to focus on and leverage in order to uphold a successful election: Strategic Communications, Financial Management, Cybersecurity, Organizational Transformation, Fraud Risk.