Predicting, preparing and protecting with risk management strategies
Grant Thornton’s Risk Services professionals are progressive thinkers who can help you predict, prepare, protect, manage and respond to risk. Integrating risk strategy into the overall strategy of an organization can help protect agencies and provide the solid foundation they need to achieve their mission and transform.
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Grant Thornton offers a broad, cross-industry set of service offerings designed to help clients meet their legal and regulatory obligations efficiently and effectively; to prevent, detect, and respond to compliance violations and misconduct; and to foster an organizational culture of ethics and integrity that promotes sustainable business growth. Core offerings include Grants Management, Improper Payments and Government Contracting.
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Safeguarding your assets is imperative in organizational effectiveness. Our Controls Advisory team works to design and implement internal controls to safeguard assets. Our professionals offer skilled interaction among your assessment and management teams and external and internal auditors. Key offerings include OMB Circular A-123, Internal Audit and Controls Design.
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Fraud poses a significant threat to government agencies of all missions and sizes. An effective fraud risk management program is proactive, strategic and focused on identifying and mitigating those risks that would effect the most damage, financially and reputationally. Grant Thornton provides a full suite of fraud risk mitigation offerings including Anti-fraud Maturity Assessment, Enterprise Anti-fraud Strategy, Fraud Risk Assessment, Fraud Analytics and Monitoring Tools.
Information assurance servicesIcon plus black
Grant Thornton’s Information Assurance Services team helps in assessing needs and developing solutions to satisfy the full range of audit, internal control, compliance and reporting mandates. Core offerings include Service Organization Controls (SOC) attestations, IT internal control and risk management support, IT audit and compliance support.
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Aligning, integrating and measuring your cybersecurity enterprise. Our dedicated public sector professionals leverage specialized tech tools and analytics in risk assessment, simulations, testing, resilience, remediation and disaster recovery planning.
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It’s critical to manage risks that may have positive or negative impacts on an organization’s ability to drive its value proposition through business strategy. Grant Thornton’s Strategic Risk team assesses risk holistically to develop effective risk strategies, implement programs to manage risk and help you work through crises. Among its suite of solutions, Enterprise Risk Management is a Grant Thornton core capability.