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ESG: An executive imperative
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is front and center for investors, executives, audit committees and boards. With new executive orders focused on tackling climate change and SEC leadership focused broadly on ESG — and in particular how to regulate climate reporting — the imperative has never been more pressing. The increased demand for transparency makes for a confusing landscape as many companies try to understand how ESG fits into their business plans and reporting.

Our ESG offerings support businesses in understanding the ESG landscape, risk mitigation and proactive business model transformation. Grant Thornton can help your organization navigate the complex ESG domain to leverage insights and drive growth to new frontiers.
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Our sustainability practitioners can guide you in understanding reporting frameworks and SEC regulations, and simplifying ESG plans for your investors, executives, audit committees and boards.
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Selecting a reporting framework such as Sustainable Accounting Standards Board, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures or Global Reporting Initiative disclosures? Or confused about how to prepare a materiality analysis and calculate your environmental impact? With our data-driven approach, we can help.
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The role of third parties is changing, and so are your points of exposure. Our experience with audits can help you identify and address new third-party risks.
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Identification of tax overpayments or significant exposure for underpayments while reducing administrative burden.
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A strong compliance program can oftentimes be the best defense for a business and public, alike. We’ll help protect you and your customers. We help fight bribery, fraud, risk, money laundering and financial crimes with a compliance program framework, to manage a variety of compliance risk areas during assessments and anticipatory work, as well as design and corrective work.
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Becoming a market leader requires more than knowing how your organization functions from an ESG perspective. We can help you deep dive into specific growth areas, such as helping tie together human capital management, supply chain operations, and tax transparency and incentives to achieve greater business outcomes.

Creating a sustainable path

ESG strategies in action

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2021 DE&I Report

Through diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, we’re making progress together to be transformative.

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Ready to tackle today’s ESG challenges?
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