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Everyday heroes
"Reunited after two months apart."
Our teammate Jonathan shared how his friend, first year medical resident Dr. Sol Silverman, goes above and beyond. Dr. Silverman and his wife have a two-month-old and a two-year-old. Two weeks after his son was born, he was transferred to work on a Covid-19 floor in a New York hospital and their family made the difficult decision to live apart. He spends countless hours making his patients, and patients he is not directly caring for, make personal connections. He gowns up to visit a friend’s grandmother, helped a 92-year old patient facetime with his grandchildren, and keeps his friends informed. He works every day to care for his patients and his family from afar. After two months he was reunited with his family, but he will be returning to the hospital shortly. We thank him for his service.
Dr Sol Silverman with his kid
When Rickie Fowler heard that our Everyday Hero Dr. Silverman was a golf fan, he wanted to do something special to thank him. We are so grateful for Dr. Silverman’s efforts and to Rickie for helping us with this surprise!