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Everyday heroes
"Food is our love language."
Our colleague Aimee Liu has worked with her Ascend chapter to establish a program to feed frontline healthcare workers and help local businesses. “I grew up hearing ‘are you hungry?’ to basically mean ‘I love you’”, Aimee explained. “Food is such a huge part of our culture – if your parents fed you well (or overfed you), it meant they loved you.”

Wanting to share that cultural experience, Ascend has created a Feed Your Hospital initiative to help local restaurants and local hospitals struggling amid COVID-19. Since launching a couple weeks ago, Ascend GW Feed Your Hospital has delivered 555 meals to 6 hospitals. Feed Your Hospital has also launched in 10 other Ascend chapters across the country, raising over $150,000 and delivering 8,600 meals to over 88 hospitals.
Aimee Liu