How tech could change audits forever

The biggest concerns and what tech can do

The past year has seen unprecedented change in the audit profession.

Grant Thornton hosted the webcast Have audits changed forever? to discuss recent issues that have led to the need for more remote audits and other changes. In the last few months, many clients and engagement teams had the opportunity to embrace innovations for the first time – and many aren’t looking back. Our webcast discussed these changes, more than 1,200 live attendees listened in to hear what comes next.

Of the attendees, more than 1,100 weighed in on their top concerns, and the tech that they want to add as part of remote audits going forward. 87% of respondents have concerns about remote audits, and 85% want better tech – so, how can tech address the concerns? See our infographic.

To find out more about the changes coming for audits:


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