Entice talent through reimagining the workforce model


8 ways to meet talent expectations


In the heightened competition for talent that is today’s reality, the way to win is by responding appropriately to candidates’ and employees’ radically changed expectations. Maintaining a robust workforce in this post-pandemic environment requires a human capital strategy focused on satisfying new needs.

Having found the positives of working from home during the pandemic, potential and existing employees are generally insisting on some form of that option. Numerous surveys point to this as becoming the norm. Close to two-thirds (63%) of companies surveyed plan to continue with a remote workforce or at least shift to a hybrid version, according to Grant Thornton’s 2021 Q2 CFO Survey. These employers will be assessing current and future real estate footprints, reconfiguring workspaces and assisting in creating ergonomically productive in-home offices.

Download our report, Reimagining your workforce model for talent and growth, to learn more about adaptions, key areas to focus on and a framework for a hybrid workplace.




Richard Tonge

Richard is a Principal in our New York Human Capital Services practice and leads the Global Mobility Services practice in the United States.

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