Grant Thornton statement regarding racism and injustice


To our clients and neighbors,Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen disturbing instances of discrimination, harassment and verbal and physical abuse directed toward people of Asian descent. To our great dismay, reports of these inexcusable and abhorrent attacks have increased in recent weeks. As we have said consistently on matters of social justice and racial equality, these attacks are only the latest chapter in a shameful history of unequal treatment of racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., and they should offend every American who believes in the founding ideals of our nation.

At Grant Thornton, we are working to build a diverse and inclusive firm and culture in a broad variety of ways. We have greatly accelerated and intensified this work over the past year. You can read about our actions and commitments here. I will repeat now what I said last summer following the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans: The charge for action to promote social justice and racial equality is inescapable, and it falls to all of us.

In that spirit, we stand together with all our Asian-American and Pacific Islander teammates and neighbors. We repeat our call to build a more just and inclusive culture in all our communities, and renew our commitment to work toward that goal with all of you.


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