Celebrating #AuditorProud: Five Q's in 45 seconds about the audit profession


A career as an auditor is a unique and exciting path that offers many opportunities to grow your accounting and business expertise. In celebration of the 2019 #AuditorProud Day, we asked our professionals to answer five questions about the profession. Here’s why they are #AuditorProud.


Brad Preber, interim CEO of Grant Thornton, discusses the three reasons why auditors matter in today’s business environment – and why auditors should join Grant Thornton. He also shares what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a CPA.


Jeff Burgess, national managing partner of Audit Services, explains why he decided to become an auditor and how the audit profession is interactive. He also provides some advice for aspiring auditors and explains how the industry is changing.


Trent Gazzaway, national managing partner of Quality and Innovation for Audit Services, shares the best adjective to describe an auditor and why he decided to join the profession. He also explores why auditors should join Grant Thornton and the critical role auditors play in helping capital markets function effectively.


Yolanda Alvarado, Audit director, shares her favorite thing about being an auditor and the important role innovation is playing within the profession. She also explains that auditors are not just number crunchers.


Lily Yuan, Audit senior associate, discusses how accounting is a language that helps auditors understand all aspects of a business. She also shares her favorite thing about being an auditor and what she’ll be doing five years from now. Spoiler alert: She’ll still be in audit!

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