The Economics of Diversity

An equitable economy works better for everyone


Diversity matters to your people and your bottom line

Systemic inequalities in the U.S. economy don’t hurt just the affected populations — they hurt the economy as a whole.

Diversity isn’t a zero-sum game. An economy that works better for each of us works better for all of us. Yet, from healthcare to housing and for people of color to women in the workplace, inequalities sap opportunity, and that saps economic growth.

For your organization, addressing inequalities isn’t just good PR. It’s good business. Helping to ensure that all of your employees, all of your customers and all of your community can fully participate in economic opportunities builds your reputation and your bottom line. And with your market and your people paying increased attention to environmental, social and governance issues, leadership matters.


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Diversity, equity & inclusion: We’re better together

What makes each of us different makes us all better, and we’re stronger together because of it. At Grant Thornton, we value different perspectives and experiences because they enrich our community and create outcomes beyond business as usual.