Vertex Exchange 2021


Vertex customers, solution experts, and tax professionals attended Vertex Exchange 2021 to learn about solutions and strategies that can help improve tax processes and deliver value to their tax department. Grant Thornton was a proud sponsor and presenter at Exchange 2021.

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Building a business case for a tax engine
Sai Avula, Grant Thornton and Kushal Thakore, Grant Thornton

This session will explore the growing complexities of indirect tax and why more and more companies are licensing a tax engine to handle tax on sales and purchases. At the end of this session, the attendee will understand:

  • The common pain points of using native ERP tax solutions or rate files
  • The main capabilities of a tax engine for both domestic and international indirect tax
  • Key ROI points to help build a business case for an indirect tax engine

Coffee talk: Where the states will legislate, litigate, and regulate in 2022
Nicole Bryant, Grant Thornton, Mike Bernard, Vertex and Sue Haffield, PriceWaterhouse Coopers

Join this session to learn about the significant issues that have affected state transaction tax issues. Topics will include how states are continuing to adjust their tax policies and regulations around the pandemic, what 2022 may bring, the types of issues being audited, and important tax court decisions.


Mix and match your engine: The power of a central tax system
Ray Vizza, Grant Thornton, Darrin Carroll, Vertex, Stuart Chase, Vertex, Rafael Diefenthaeler, PriceWaterhouse Coopers and Michael Guelker, Ernst & Young


Add flexibility and accelerate transformation with Vertex solutions for Dynamics 365
Ray Vizza, Grant Thornton, Nichole Prendergast, Vertex, Arun Raghavan, Vertex and Claude Watson, MCA Connect

Join this session and explore the current trends and challenges facing Microsoft Dynamics customers, and how Vertex’s latest releases help improve efficiency in finance, reduce the burden on IT, and increase scalability to support business growth.


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