Asset management: A comprehensive approach


Transforming strategy, processes, and technology to optimize the value of facilities, property, and fleet


A comprehensive approach

Grant Thornton develops a holistic, long-term strategy for asset management to optimize asset value, useful life, and dependability. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of asset management services that support public and private sector clients in enhancing lifecycle management from procurement through retirement, including services to support post-pandemic return-to-work and reduce-the-footprint initiatives. Our primary goal is to position assets so that they meet clients’ mission needs in the most cost-effective and operationally efficient manner.


Asset management maturity framework


Our proven maturity framework guides asset management governance development through technological modernization and integrated data analytics and automation to enhance program performance throughout the facilities, property, and fleet asset management lifecycle from procurement through disposition. We tailor our approach to specific asset class needs. Our Business Capability Assessment for Real Property (BCARP) solution identifies and resolves challenges in facilities management governance, practices, and systems, including new challenges to manage return-to-work, reduce-the-footprint, and other post-pandemic initiatives. Our Fleet Assessment Playbook is a “how-to” guide for evaluating management capabilities across a dozen fleet lifecycle functions including purchasing, maintenance, and fleet program governance. The maturity framework, BCARP solution, and fleet playbook are examples of ‘accelerators’ that enable us to quickly diagnose the needs of our clients and develop solutions based on leading practices proven to deliver cost savings and improved operational performance.


Strategic asset management planning


Grant Thornton is a leader in the internationally recognized ISO 55000 Asset Management standard and its implementation in the United States. Our strategic planning support helps maximize asset value by integrating long range asset planning with the agency’s mission, goals, and objectives, to ensure that the necessary assets will be available to support these goals.


Asset sustainability and optimization 

We provide a scalable, comprehensive asset management process and supporting analytical toolset to help federal agencies identify inventory, predict future needs to support procurement planning, and optimize the allocation of assets (vehicles, personal property, etc.) across the agency. The solution uses defined modeling capabilities to quickly obtain and analyze inventory and utilization data to provide a lifecycle scenario planning capability. This tool informs the allocation of available resources and the procurement of future resources to determine the optimal number and type of assets required to meet the agency’s mission.


Property quality assurance program


We enhance personal property inventory and program performance throughout the asset management lifecycle and help prevent common audit findings. We implement automated inventory controls, performance measures, quality surveys, and visualization tools to equip property managers with insights and information necessary to track, monitor, and report on property acquisition, inventory, transfers, and disposals.


Fleet right-sizing


Grant Thornton has had extensive experience conducting Vehicle Allocation Methodology (VAM) studies and providing advanced fleet management solutions. We develop a baseline utilization analysis, align vehicles to local missions, and integrate staffing needs to determine the optimal number and type of vehicle needed to perform the mission. Our approach involves gathering input and perspectives from vehicle operators in the field to understand and incorporate the full scope and nuance of vehicle missions.




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