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While the crises that have affected the healthcare sector since the pandemic have somewhat abated, these challenges – workforce shortages, integration of automation, leadership development – are still critical for all. On a recent episode of Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, Grant Thornton Principal Healthcare Growth Leader Claudia Douglass talked about these challenges and what advice she offers clients to provide solutions.


Among trends that should be a top focus for healthcare organizations is leadership development, especially the cultivation of younger leaders. Douglass says health systems must develop young leadership internally as part of its organizational transformation initiatives.


Douglass talks about the use of artificial intelligence, which she refers to as augmented intelligence to emphasize how people should always be in governance over these new capabilities. Douglass sees AI’s use increasing in patient “care journeys” within healthcare organizations, often through the use of more virtual care.


Douglass also reviews other threats to stability and growth such as cyberattacks and workforce shortages. Douglass ends the interview by encouraging health systems to be operationally ready for the right opportunities in the M&A marketplace.


The interview of Douglass was recorded at the Becker’s Healthcare 14th Annual Meeting in Chicago in April, hosted by Chanell Bunger. 


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