How tech transformation drove aggressive growth




When a U.S. regional bank launched an ambitious two-pronged strategy for growth, it needed to orchestrate a symphony of organizational change. The bank wanted to grow its assets by pairing an acquisition strategy with a comprehensive digital transformation. The digital transformation needed to help simplify current and future acquisitions, streamline back-office operations, improve technical infrastructure, and optimize meaningful analytics and insights for decision makers.


To achieve this transformation, the bank needed to modernize its technology infrastructure and application portfolio while moving to cloud-based and mobile-ready platforms for the next generation of banking customers.








Bank leaders asked Grant Thornton to support its technology transformation. The Grant Thornton team listened to the bank’s needs and helped to clarify the resources and time required. Then, the team delivered program management, change management, performance improvement, and highly specific subject matter expertise to support these objectives:

  • Performance: Improve processing performance and efficiency
  • Cloud: Move key application infrastructure to cloud environments
  • Mobile: Implement a new mobile banking platform
  • Infrastructure: Upgrade the network infrastructure along with the teller, call center and other back-office systems, while implementing enterprise-wide workflows
  • Workday: Implement Workday Financial Management and Human Capital Management, along with new lending and treasury management platforms
  • Analytics: Implement enterprise analytics on a leading cloud technology stack with new customer experience scenarios supporting the bank’s customer strategy







The two-pronged acquisition and technology transformation strategy achieved 125% growth in the bank’s total assets.

The bank also saw other gains that will drive long-term success, including:

  • 24% increase in digital users
  • 42% increase in mobile deposits
  • 133% annual revenue and savings return on investment versus the solution cost, with another 10x in value opportunities at various stages of implementation

The bank now has a cloud-based mobile-ready infrastructure that drives better performance and insightful analytics across its enterprise, positioning the bank for the next wave of growth and adaptation into the future.






Sound advice


Our Technology Transformation Principal, Richard Sittema, reflected on how Grant Thornton listened to the bank and clarified the tech options.

“I think what we bring is the art of the possible, in terms of identifying the tangible benefits that can be achieved and how fast they can be realized. They have an idea of what they want to have done, and what we help them to do is understand what their options are, and which of those options will achieve what outcomes, in what amount of time, and at what expense.”

Listen in as Sittema outlines the thinking behind our approach:



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