My career has wheels

My story of expectations, redefined


I’m on course at Grant Thornton

I’m always on the move professionally and personally, and I have a passion for working with others who are, too. I wanted to find a path and a place that suits me — where I get to work with people who are value-driven and innovative. At Grant Thornton, the energy and aspiration were authentic from the first jump.

My passion has ramped up

One of my passions is personal — I’m a lifelong skateboarder. So when I was presented with the opportunity to meet and work with a former professional skateboarder — who happens to be one of my biggest inspirations — I jumped at the opportunity. And even though I was relatively more junior, I was equipped to work with my practice leader and my idol to build an optimized business plan. The experience provided invaluable exposure and expanded my consulting toolkit.


“Leadership at Grant Thornton empowers me to focus on what I’m passionate about. It’s what drives me.”

--  Kenneth Lam

    Manager, Advisory Services


My life has new bearings

From day one, I had options for where I wanted my career to go. When I expressed my interest in expanding my client portfolio and in moving to New York City from Seattle, my leaders went the extra mile to help get me there. I’m grateful to be investing my days in working with interesting clients and on exciting projects. And after work I get to explore The Big Apple.


I’m driven by community

I knew when I started at Grant Thornton that I wanted to connect with others who share similar experiences as an Asian American. I along with two teammates created the Pacific Northwest chapter of our national Pan-Asian Business Resource Group. It quickly became a model for BRGs to follow and attracted both members and allies. It has grown significantly and is one of my proudest accomplishments.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Solid logo Solid logo
In a multiuniverse…
I might have been a professional skateboarder. I love the freedom to express myself and push my limits.
People purple icon People purple icon
In my work with youth…
I’ve been an SAT test-prep instructor and a mentor for college and high school students. I have a passion for helping young people get to their next step.
Manhattan logo Manhattan logo
Manhattan is thrilling…
In its diversity and vastness. I enjoyed growing up in Seattle, but I was ready to be challenged by life in the big city.
Purple hands icon Purple hands icon
The BRG I helped start…
Has impacted hundreds of professionals and served 1,000+ community members in the Seattle area through volunteer efforts.

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