My career is on the move

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s forward-focused at Grant Thornton

My expectation of professional services was that I didn’t have one. As my first job out of college, the many unknowns I faced made the future seem blurry. I worried about how I’d be able to do my job and determine my career path. With so much to learn, I figured I’d be bogged down trying to understand everything on my own. But, at Grant Thornton, I found there are people ready to help you move forward — and further.

I’m empowered to succeed

I immediately had champions who opened doors for me, walking me through issues, helping me understand complexities like compliance rules, and expressing appreciation for my work. I’ve developed valuable relationships; every day I talk with a partner who is a trusted guide for my personal and professional growth. My mentors have helped me become confident in my job and moving along the career path I created.



“Because of leaders who empowered me from the start, I’ve learned the importance of mentorship and actively help the next generation advance in their careers — and become mentors themselves.”
--  Jennifer Alzona

    Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance Services



I connect directly with clients

From the beginning, I’ve worked for clients in a variety of industries. I enjoy getting to know them and their businesses personally and using that knowledge to provide thorough audits and guidance in my specialty areas. My meetings are often with C-suite leaders, and I’m proud of how I’ve cultivated their trust through my work.


I have beyond-my-job support

Here, I’m in communities across geographies and interests. One is the Future Leaders & Allies business resource group. I joined to champion the next generation. As a national leader, I helped support our mentorship program, pairing members with employees at higher levels. I also captain other Grant Thornton communities — the NYC office soccer team and beach volleyball team, both of which have held championship titles.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


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I love to travel but always come back...
To New York City. I love it so much. Just like NYC, I’m fast paced, so this environment is perfect for me.
Icon south africa purple Icon south africa red
One of my favorite trips...
Was to South Africa, where I met up with a friend from Grant Thornton and abseiled off Table Mountain.
Icon cooking meal purple Icon cooking meal red
When my mood needs a lift...
I cook a good meal. I experiment with whatever I have in the fridge. Or I go home for a big Filipino meal at my parents’ house.
Icon soccer game purple Icon soccer game red
A favorite soccer game...
Was the one our team played in Rockefeller Center at the invitation of one of our national leaders — a charity fundraiser tournament on behalf of the NYC Football Club.

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