My career fits me

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s welcoming at Grant Thornton

I didn’t think I’d find a path in professional services. I’m from a blue-collar background with different life experiences than many commonly have in this industry. Feeling “other,” I assumed I’d struggle in an environment that I perceived as impersonal and uninterested in someone like me. At Grant Thornton, my welcome was quite the opposite.

I had immediate support

I learned about Grant Thornton from a friend who encouraged me to take a look when I was graduating from college. I was offered a position while wrapping up credits and was unsure if that would impact my role. But the backing I received from my teammates was incredible. They supported my schedule, pitching in to keep my workload manageable and flexing my hours so I could work and go to class.


“When you are thinking about a career in professional services, don’t worry about having the right background. You don’t need to have been part of that world to grow into it.”

--  Jaime Garcia

    Senior Associate, Tax Services


My team is always there for me

Soon after I started, the pandemic shifted us to work from home. I was just learning my job and didn’t know how I could do it remotely without an office setup and teammates for guidance. But the team made sure I was provided with equipment for physical support and connections for personal growth and well-being. Over a year later, my questions always find answers, collaboration is second nature and my skill set continues to grow.


I’m confident


Because of support along every learning curve, I’m confident about moving to my new role, where I’ll be working more closely with clients. I’m looking forward to moving in a direction that’s important to me. I’ve found a place that empowers me to grow personally and in my career.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Icon road trip purple Icon road trip red
An ideal road trip…
Would be getting into a truck and heading to the Northwest. I’d love to see mountains, winding roads, trees and wilderness.
Icon my team purple Icon my team red
Getting to know my team…
Felt personal when partners and other leaders hosted get-togethers at their homes. They helped us become a team, especially because I wasn’t the only new one.
Icon advise purple Icon advise red
My advice for a college student…
Is to keep learning and pushing yourself into situations you’re not comfortable with. It’s how you grow. Always be a student and be humble because someone is going to know more than you do.
Icon leadership purple Icon leadership red
I learned about leadership…
In college as president of my fraternity and a founder of a chapter of The Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA). My goals were to be a better person and to help others.

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