My career is mine to map

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s path-finding at Grant Thornton

I thought my career path would be laid out before me, with limited options to veer off onto interesting trails where I could explore and grow. At a previous company, we didn’t have the chance or time to do anything but the work set out for us. We worked up to 80-hour weeks and were expected to stay in our lanes. I thought it would be the same anywhere I went. But at Grant Thornton, I’m creating my own path.

I’m forging my way

I’m able to navigate across the firm and work with different teams across all service lines and levels. Grant Thornton’s size is just right for this — it’s large enough to have significant resources but not so big that I feel lost when setting out to connect on a project or expand my network.


“I’m part of a community that cares about me. I have support in being true to myself and taking my career where I want it to go.”

--  Hannah Crabtree

    Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance Services


I’m expanding my territory

With the support of leaders, I go beyond standard programming, most notably being lead developer on an innovative new tool that will help open the door for me to serve as a liaison between developers and clients. I’m also empowered to serve as a leader in our Diverse Abilities business resource group. As someone with diabetes, I know it’s important that we address stigmas and redefine disabilities.


I’m covering new ground

Grant Thornton has paved the way for me to venture into new domains. Thanks to recommendations from partners, I’m now on the Board of Examiners with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants — and I have a role on the Virginia Society of CPAs’ Innovation Advisory Council. These experiences are widening the career path I’m proud to own.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Get Energy Purple Icon
I get energy from...
Fanfiction. I like reading different takes people have on stories or what could happen after a series ends. I enjoy diving deep into the characters.
Advocate Purple Icon
I’m an advocate for...
Grassroots organizations focused on helping people get access to what they need for their disabilities. Right now I’m active in a group called Mutual Aid Diabetes for people who, like me, have diabetes.
Music Genre Purple Icon
My favorite music genre is...
Whatever catches my ear at the time. This year I’m into lower-key indie music like pop and rock artist Petey, a female vocalist named Samia and folk artist Valley Maker.

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