Trusted to work independently and to grow


Bryan Doyle’s story


As a senior associate in marketing, I’m part of a Grant Thornton team that’s spread out across the country. Despite geographical and time zone differences, we’re a tightly knit bunch, enthusiastically supportive of each other. Our team is small. But we’re part of a massive firm full of knowledgeable professionals. Essential resources, guidance and mentoring are readily available.


Access to knowledge and insights so early in my career has been key to developing my own expertise.

Since I’m the only one in my role at national headquarters in Chicago, it makes all the difference that I can choose when to pick up the phone and be in immediate contact with any colleague. This includes very senior people — national leaders, partners and high-level management. It’s amazing how quickly I can reach any of them. This access to knowledge and insights so early in my career has been key to developing my own expertise. I do the reaching out; no one is checking on me, and there’s no hand-holding. I’m trusted to perform independently and continue growing in my job.



My boss loves to celebrate our birthdays.

For me, it’s ideal. The path to this point began to take shape when Grant Thornton found me on LinkedIn. Leaders described how useful my background would be to the national marketing team and told me I’d be placed where I could learn and grow. Marketing has been a great place to gain an understanding of the firm, its clients and their numerous industries. An important piece of my role is working with professionals whose clients come from a multitude of industries. I create marketing campaign strategies to demonstrate how Grant Thornton services assist with the client’s needs. By increasingly taking the lead on complex projects, I tap into the firm’s empowerment to try new things and make significant changes. I’m building trust in my decision-making. At some point, I’ll move from my solid marketing foundation to another challenging role. I’m in charge of my career path and given support when I look for it.


A healthy mix of independence and interdependence is ingrained in the firm’s culture.

This healthy mix of independence and interdependence is ingrained in the firm’s culture. You can express your individuality, letting your true self shine through on the job. You can also join with others in a committee or group that aligns with your personal or work interests. I appreciate diversity and inclusion and am in a business resource group that affirms these qualities. The firm trusts us to cooperate with our teams in gaining independence, with the freedom to work remotely and determine flexible time off — no preset number of days.



A GTUnited school, work and personal life success workshop for high school students
My iMentor mentee, Sebastian, and me on a big day

In addition, “culture conversations,” as well as topics covered in firm-wide communications, remind us to uphold the firm’s tenets of collaboration, leadership, excellence, agility, respect and responsibility. I’m proud to embrace these tenets on the job and on the personal side. One of my volunteering activities is GTUnited, a Grant Thornton program that organizes employees in addressing community issues. Others are with a nonprofit that matches inner-city high school students in low-income neighborhoods with college-educated mentors. My mentee is now a freshman in college, and I’ve taken on membership on the nonprofit’s board.

My workdays and work life are in my hands. With Grant Thornton’s faith in my ability to handle them, I am steadily gaining confidence in thinking innovatively, acting independently and growing in my career.


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