New technologies revamp the finance function

In 2018, technology is top of mind for CFOs. New technologies offer new opportunities, but also new risks. CFOs have to find a comfortable pace of technology investment and adoption. Get a few tips based on our research report.

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New technologies revamp the finance function



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What’s in the report?
According to our latest CFO research study, more than two-thirds (69%) of CFOs are increasing investments in digital transformation to keep their competitive edge in the marketplace.

Three key takeaways:
  • Investments focus on improving operational performance and reducing costs, as well as on customer experience, competitive differentiation and innovation for new products.
  • Process automation currently focuses on the day-to-day operational efficiency — AP/AR financial reporting and control, treasury and working capital management — but will shift to strategy, analysis and growth prediction in the future.
  • Adoption of new technologies is growing, with advanced analytics and optical character recognition (OCR) leading the way.

“CFOs and CIOs need to lock arms for growth and competitive advantage.”

CFO key insights

Research says current and future CFOs will have to be technology-savvy and attuned to using data analytics to their enterprise’s advantage. The data points below show why.
2018 CFO Survey data points

CFOs need tech fluency as RPA picks up speed

CFOs must be well-versed in automation technologies to effectively work with CIOs in assessment, prioritization and building organizational innovation.

Operate to innovate: Focus on digital change

It’s time to think big, be willing to fail fast and invest in digital transformation. Explore how emerging technologies are changing the way today’s organizations operate.

Digital transformation thrives with hybrid CFOs

The hybrid CFO is here. As CFOs take on a strategic role in guiding digital transformation strategies, they will increasingly need to embrace and master new skill sets in emerging technologies and data analytics.