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Simplify your indirect tax process


iNDIRECT.360 — Grant Thornton’s proprietary approach to bundling indirect tax services — creates meaningful synergies, pricing model differentiators and holistic insights based on your data. iNDIRECT.360 operates from a single platform, bringing pertinent services together to deliver multiple solutions. Through iNDIRECT360, we help you explore insights that might go undiscovered in separate offerings.


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A revolution is underway


The tax landscape is changing. Technology is driving disruptive changes across all aspects of business today, and traditional tax functions are struggling to keep up. To remain competitive, organizations need to consider how new opportunities presented by innovation in people, process, technology and data can be harnessed to meet these new demands. The endgame: create a tax function that is ready to capitalize on future opportunities.


Tax innovation insights


The need for tax innovation


Every organization’s tax circumstances are unique. At Grant Thornton, tax innovation means crafting pragmatic, customized, scalable approaches utilizing disruptive technologies and best practices to unlock new value for our clients.



Benefits of innovation to your business


Innovation is more than just a catchy buzzword. It’s a creator of tangible outcomes that helps your business grow and prosper.


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