Understand and act upon the emerging risks across your enterprise
To fully understand and efficiently act on the range of risks across your enterprise, you need to call upon comprehensive experience and the latest knowledge.

We can help efficiently identify and pursue the right measures to keep your business compliant and profitable, controlling risk and identifying emerging threats to profitability.
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Today’s risks are going to change. To outpace the risks of tomorrow, you need to perceive the threats, understand your exposure, balance your priorities and establish a comprehensive response. Reactive measures and isolated barriers are not enough – you need a proactive strategy that manages the emerging threats to security and privacy, both today and tomorrow.
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Today’s organizations are challenged with more risks than ever before that can impact their bottom-line performance. Grant Thornton’s team of risk specialists helps businesses effectively manage strategic, compliance and regulatory risks.
  • Regulatory compliance: Today’s organizations are operating in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Our experienced team of regulatory and compliance specialists provide in-depth technical knowledge on emerging regulations and help organizations leverage efficiencies. With comprehensive compliance optimization strategies, we help clients remediate regulatory gaps, streamline operations and limit risk exposure.
  • Strategic risk: Our team of risk advisors assists management in defining and addressing risks that positively or negatively affect the organization’s ability to deliver on its value proposition through its business strategy.

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Organizations face a growing list of IT risks that can result in negative financial performance, reputational damage and loss of customer trust. Our risk professionals assist organizations in assessing needs and developing solutions to satisfy the full range of compliance and reporting mandates, including those related to System and Organization Controls (SOC) reports and other attestation reports and IT controls.
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Grant Thornton’s team of experienced risk management specialists help organizations transform their operations and operational risk programs strategically and strengthen their risk preparedness. We guide clients in designing and implementing internal controls to safeguard assets and develop cost-effective programs to address Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other requirements, while enhancing internal audit and organizational performance. A core capability is assisting organizations with a strategic controls framework built around automation and analytics.
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A strong compliance program can oftentimes be the best defense for a business and public, alike. We’ll help protect you and your customers. We help fight bribery, fraud, risk, money laundering and financial crimes with a compliance program framework, to manage a variety of compliance risk areas during assessments and anticipatory work, as well as design and corrective work.
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Our forensics, investigation and dispute advisors can help guide you on the quickest path to resolve inconsistencies and errors, letting you refocus on moving your enterprise toward the future.
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