Retailer leverages data visualizations to streamline processes




Grant Thornton was initially engaged to perform sales tax compliance for a multi-billion-dollar online retailer of sports apparel. The monthly source data files provided by the client for the engagement were fragmented, non-structured and in need of cleansing. Mismatches in the city, state and ZIP Code entries resulted in a number of transactions being rejected from the tax return prep software, causing additional time incurred related to the compliance process. Furthermore, the tax engine being utilized by the retailer was generating many inaccurate tax calls, resulting in incorrect sales tax collections. The incorrect sales tax calculations were causing large audit assessments throughout many states, resulting in large expenses being taken on the P&L.




Our team initially worked to consolidate the source data files and built a tool to merge the formatting so only two source data files would be needed to prepare the returns. Through the use of DOMO, a business intelligence and data visualization tool, Grant Thornton developed an application to cleanse the data and recalculate sales taxes for upwards of 15 million lines of data each month.



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Robust DOMO visualizations allowed the retailer to decrease the retailer’s hours spent on the monthly compliance process by 60%. The retailer was now able to fully reconcile the sales tax payments to the general ledger, something that wasn’t previously possible.




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