Environmental policy statement


At Grant Thornton, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and actively managing our impact on the environment as an integral component of our business strategy. Our sustainability efforts take many forms, including increasing resource efficiency, taking proactive measures to ensure environmentally responsible practices, and promoting environmental awareness. This policy statement serves to communicate to our stakeholder groups the components of our environmental management program, serves as a lens to create projects and initiatives, and establishes a foundation to develop key performance indicators to ensure those initiatives are in line with program and firm priorities.


The following four pillars of our environmental management program will guide our strategies, actions and decisions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmentally sustainable business practices.





We are committed to developing and implementing initiatives with focused strategies and tactics to meet the goals of each pillar. As part of the Environmental Impact Reduction pillar, the following priorities ensure that our efforts are focused on the environmental criteria most material to our business operations – minimizing our environmental footprint and maximizing the impact of our actions. These priorities will be evaluated regularly to ensure we are focused on the most material, pertinent environmental criteria.

  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions related to business travel and office operations
  • Purchasing renewable energy where feasible
  • Reducing physical footprint through reductions in rentable square foot of office space
  • Reducing consumption and promoting recycling of consumables, including paper
  • Reducing consumption and promoting recycling of electronic equipment

We will publish objectives and targets to ensure transparency with stakeholder groups. We will create benchmarks and monitor performance in order to drive continuous improvement and ensure success of each initiative and the pillar(s) it supports – including strategies to provide effective communication to all relevant stakeholder groups. We will also periodically assess the efficacy of each initiative and pillar with firm leadership - with a focus on ensuring that the firm is strategically aligned to meet its environmental, social and governance objectives.





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