“OneOncology is in its infancy as a company, but the impact it is already making on peoples’ lives is profound. Cancer affects individuals in every community across our country, so it is fitting that OneOncology seeks to bolster local efforts to combat cancer. It is an innovative approach, which is what the fight against cancer requires.”

David Howard, Grant Thornton

Physician-led, patient-centric

Beyond its physical and emotional impact, cancer is a remarkably disruptive disease. A cancer patient leaving their home for a multi-week visit to a distant, albeit renown, hospital leaves behind their family and friends, little league games and homework…their life and all of the things that make it worth living. This disruption is why the majority of Americans who are battling cancer seek treatment in community oncology centers, which also offer services at about half the cost of hospitals.

These community practices are where hope is rebuilt and treatment rendered. They are where doctors serve neighbors and send them home to be with their families in time for dinner. They are where innovation in oncology is taking place. OneOncology empowers their physicians by fostering innovation and connecting them in a network across the country that provides expanded access to research, data and analytics, clinical trial opportunities, and more. In so doing, OneOncology scales the benefits of local care to increase access, improve quality, reduce costs, and transform patient experience.

OneOncology operates as a connected practice ecosystem where physicians learn from their peers and leverage their collective intelligence to solve for the pressures facing community oncology and remain at the forefront of cancer treatment in the U.S. Its culture is physician-led, data-driven and patient-centric and its mission is as direct as it is powerful – to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.

Notable data

Network of 250 physicians
70 sites of care
Treat nearly 160,000 cancer patients each year
Company launched September, 2018

“Build the company you always wanted to work for”

So says OneOncology President & CEO, Tracy Bahl, who is doing just that. When asked for advice on launching a healthcare company that challenges the status quo, Bahl responds, “Relentlessly focus on the patient. Select great partners. Recruit the best talent. Use analytics to unlock value. Create a mission-driven culture that fosters diversity, excellence and collaboration.”

Since OneOncology’s launch in September 2018, Tracy Bahl and his team have been pursuing these ends from the ground up. A start-up environment pervades OneOncology even as its growth has been meteoric. The company, which currently employs about 50 people on their corporate team, accounts for nearly 2,000 across their partnership of practices and sees that number growing as it adds more practices and continues to drive greater impact and innovation.

A big fight requires a big community

Improving the lives of everyone living with cancer is a rather tall order. It requires remarkable leadership and strong partnerships. OneOncology has both. Its leadership team is comprised of Bahl, board member and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist, MD and world-class executives and physicians who left significant roles at some of the nation’s most respected organizations like United Health Group and HCA Healthcare.

OneOncology has aligned with leading industry partners, few more critical than Flatiron Health, a healthcare technology and services company whose cloud-based platform is OneOncology’s technical backbone and connects physicians across its network. So too is growth equity firm, General Atlantic, whose $200M investment helped launch the company.

Winning the fight against cancer requires circumventing the status quo. This upstart healthcare company is off to a tremendous start.

OneOncology logo “OneOncology is a new company with tremendous ambition and a mission to positively impact peoples’ lives. We are moving quickly and deliberately and need providers who are both agile and experienced. Grant Thornton has proved to be both. What’s more, they are a strong cultural fit with our organization, which we believe is important for our long-term success.”

Tracy Bahl, President and CEO, OneOncology

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