What's in a name?

Community Health Network (CHN) takes pride in providing exceptional, convenient and simple patient-first care.

Based in Indianapolis and with over 200 care sites, CHN is central Indiana's leading provider of healthcare services and one of the nation's most integrated healthcare systems.

CHN serves a wide array of ever-evolving patient needs and a growing population that relies on the organization for its collective well-being. In response, CHN has expanded its care offerings and scale through a series of mergers and acquisitions, investments in technology and state-of-the-art care facilities, and partnerships with premier healthcare systems throughout the United States.

"We were spending more time entering and formatting data than analyzing what was driving performance. It could take three months to transform data into insight. By then, it was too late."

Holly Millard, Senior VP of Finance, Community Health Network

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Growing pains

A 16-time recipient of the American Hospital Association's "Most Wired" award for technology innovation, CHN is on the move. In addition to its numerous facility groundbreakings and key partnerships, the organization implemented Epic technology for improved record management and operating performance. But growth comes with its challenges. It can be particularly taxing on an organization's infrastructure.

As CHN grew, its finance function lagged, operated through an amalgam of various tools and disparate approaches to data management. Senior employees had to punch numbers into Excel to do consolidation for a $2B network. There was no transparency, efficiency or actionable insight for timely and effective decision making - challenges that can strain an organization and impede sustainable growth.

To provide the cutting edge care its patient population had come to depend on, it was time for CHN to innovate and continue its growth, with a team of more than 70 dedicated Grant Thornton professionals at its side.

Keep growth going

With expert insight and guidance, CHN overhauled its finance function, initiating a project to provide a scalable, cost-effective financial platform to support its future growth.

The effort was substantial, touching each of CHN's 13,000 employees and impacting processes, operations and technology across the company, including:

- Core financials and accounting
- Financial close and reporting
- Planning and budgeting
- Costing and decision support
- Master data management
- Business intelligence and analytics

CHN and Grant Thornton also implemented a suite of Oracle applications, providing insights into network costs and revenue and improving supply chain management.

The results have been transformative. With a powerful, streamlined finance function, CHN has reduced vendors by nearly 50%, cut restocking locations by 50, automated invoice review and approval, and strengthened its budgeting and planning process. CHN can even link pounds of laundry back to specific patient services. Most importantly, CHN is well-positioned for future growth - its community is counting on it.

"Neither of those guys (Grant Thornton project leaders) would ever let a project fail. Regardless if it was me or not, they would do this for any client. I always know that Bryan (Lead Project Partner) has my back. When I call, he reacts immediately. This isn't just a business transaction, it's a partnership."

Holly Millard, CHN's Senior Vice President of Finance

Notable Data

Community Health Network: 2M+ patient encounters annually
Community Health case study: $2B in operating revenue
Community Health case study: 1,200 staffed hospital beds
Community Health case study: 13k employees
Community Health case study: 54k annual hospital admissions
Community Health case study: 2000 physicians