Jessica Korda

Grant Thornton ambassador


Get to know Jessica

At just 29 years old, Jessica has already had an impressive LPGA career. Considered one of the top Americans on tour, she has won six times, competed in three Solheim Cups and cracked the Top 10 in World of Golf Rankings. It’s no wonder that Jessica was raised in a family of world-class athletes. Both parents as well as her brother are international tennis stars. Her father, Petr, won the 1998 Australian Open singles title (major) and her mother, Regina, was a 1988 Summer Olympics competitor. Her younger sister, Nelly, is also a decorated LPGA professional and Grant Thornton ambassador. When she’s not competing, Jessica resides in Jupiter, FL, where she enjoys spending time with her husband and photogenic goldendoodle, Charlie.

What would have the biggest impact on growing the game and making it more inclusive?

Supporting junior golf. We need to show people that this is a kids game as well. It’s so easy to create spaces for kids to have fun playing this game, and they will have those skills for life. It’s especially important to remove the obstacles to the game as well so those kids can approach the game no matter where they come from in life.


All are welcome in golf because...

It’s such a great game! It really brings people together. It can be played with literally anybody, at any level. You can play with a beginner, a professional and anyone in between. That’s one of the reasons I love it. Really any one can physically play — we just have to make sure they have the opportunity and confidence to do it.