Automating ASC 842 compliance drives accuracy and efficiency
Annual reporting requirements will continue to be a burden for organizations with disparate lease portfolios and multiple payment systems. Relief from this burden is here: LeaseCom Analytics (LCA).
Ongoing solution
As the industry moves beyond initial compliance deadlines for public and private companies, LCA keeps organizations on top of their lease portfolios with minimal operational impact.
Machine learning + advanced analytics
Find known and unknown leases and make decisions using advanced technology, which results in fewer errors and compliance confidence.
Automated data ingestion
Enable ingestion of transactional payment data across the entire organization.
Portfolio customization
Can be tailored for small portfolios or to support thousands of leases and multiple payment systems.
Rapid deployment
A Software as a Service solution, LCA can be stood up quickly, with little business interruption, and deployed to teams around the world.
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“In a global, decentralized organization, it’s hard to be confident year after year that you have a complete and accurate inventory of lease equipment, space, or vehicles. Our clients need an answer.”

Joe Brown, National Managing Partner, Strategic Federal Tax Services