Is your lease accounting system keeping up?

Solving the ASC 842 Day 2 compliance challenge
Up-to-date, accurate data is at the core of ASC 842 Day 2 challenges. LeaseCom Analytics addresses the data challenge head on, automating key data-centric activities. It frees up resources to focus on value adding activities, while reducing cost and risk through technology. Learn how you can automate lease completeness and payment reconciliations with Grant Thornton’s LeaseCom Analytics tool.
See LeaseCom in action — your future for ASC 842 compliance.

This five minute intro will demonstrate how LCA:
  • Supports “day 2 compliance” of ASC 842 & IFRS 16
  • Serves as an ongoing detective control on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • Provides a risk-based analysis on your AP sub ledger and lease commitment obligations

“In a global, decentralized organization, it’s hard to be confident year after year that you have a complete and accurate inventory of lease equipment, space, or vehicles. Our clients need an answer.”

Joe Brown, National Managing Partner, Strategic Federal Tax Services