Shift from defense to offense with our 2020 tax planning guide
Plenty of new guidance on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions was codified in 2019, offering private companies a chance to take a proactive approach to tax planning. Our 2020 Tax Planning Guide is the roadmap your business can use to begin your 2020 tax season journey to savings.

What you’ll learn from the guide:
  • How to plan around the 199A pass-through deduction limits
  • Why there’s no better time to update your estate planning
  • Ways to save more from meal and entertainment deductions
  • What credits and incentives you may be missing

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5 ways to maximize tax savings

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provisions for private businesses required significant interpretation from the IRS, which answered the call with final rules on the Section 199A deduction, revenue recognition, Opportunity Zones and more. Our video describes five important ways your private company can manage its tax obligations so you’re not overpaying by a penny.
Think strategically this tax season
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act revolutionized tax planning for private businesses, with new deductions and tax credits included among its many far-reaching provisions. Interpreting how the TCJA applies to your company has been a guessing game at times, but two years in, most of the new rules have been clarified by the IRS. Our webcast provides more insight on how you can go from reactive to proactive when planning this year’s taxes.
Webcast: Man and woman shaking hands

What we cover in our webcast
Our experts discuss tax issues many private businesses face this time of year, including:
  • The Section 199A deduction
  • Estate planning and gift taxes
  • Favorable Opportunity Zone regulations
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