Diversity at work

Innovation doesn’t happen in a straight line. We have the greatest chance for truly groundbreaking innovation when we tear down silos, cross boundaries and act intentionally about learning from the unfamiliar, unknown and unexpected. Watch our video insights on how diversity and inclusion can fuel innovation and growth.


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It's one step forward and one step back for women in the workplace. Explore where businesses stand on gender diversity.

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"Diversity and inclusion make us strong — and are important parts of the cultural foundation on which we are building the firm of the future."

Mike McGuire, Grant Thornton CEO

Mike McGuire

How can an inclusive culture drive business innovation?

Only by respecting everyone's true uniqueness and appreciating the value that each distinctive perspective may bring to our teams, can we truly foster an inclusive culture. Being purposeful about the diversity on each of our teams is one of the best ways to drive innovation, harnessing the true power of distinct perspectives and unique viewpoints on creativity.
An inclusive culture helps ensure that everyone feels free to share their perspectives. I truly believe that by hearing all perspectives, we make the best business decisions and do the best job in identifying areas where we need to innovate. If some people don't feel free to share their views, we miss out on their perspectives, and our decisions suffer as a result.
An inclusive culture spurs a sense of reverence and trust. As a result, loyalty to work hard to achieve contributions are impactful.
An inclusive culture drives business performance and innovation because it brings in individuals from several backgrounds and skillsets, and fosters an environment of true ingenuity.
An inclusive culture not only encourages diversity of thought, but it is proactively structured to ensure diverse perspectives are attained. When you have an inclusive culture actively working to gain diversity of thought, you naturally enable an ideation process that supports innovation. By investing in an inclusive culture you demonstrate a commitment to serving a client by considering their needs from virtually every angle.
It's all about the diversity of thinking that comes out of a diverse workforce. When you ask for ideas from people with different backgrounds or perspectives, it's amazing the higher level of thought you can get which translates into a better client service model. It's just a no brainer. That's why you need diverse teams.