Evidence-based policymaking

Harnessing evidence to inform government policymaking


Building a culture of continuous improvement


Grant Thornton is a leader in helping public organizations use evidence-based policymaking strategies to strengthen their results, increase their return on investment from spending, and tackle their most important challenges.

Our services have helped support the growing movement in government over the past several decades — spanning federal, state and local government — to build and use evidence about what works in order to improve existing programs and better allocate spending. It is a movement that harnesses evidence in many forms, from high-quality data to rigorous program evaluation to other forms of credible evidence. The broader goal is to increase the return on investment from taxpayer dollars and achieve better outcomes for the American people.

The most visible advance in this evidence movement at the federal level was the enactment in 2019 of the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act. The Act implements some of the key recommendations of the bipartisan Commission on Evidence-based Policymaking.

From our support of the development of toolkits designed to help federal agencies implement the Evidence Act to assisting a large agency in launching an evaluation office, to developing the path-breaking Program and Portfolio Assessment Tool, to designing workshops to help senior leaders strengthen their evidence-based policymaking skills — to name just a few recent projects — we are passionate about helping organizations and jurisdictions build a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Our team includes former executives from the federal, state and local levels, including a member of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking, a former senior leader at OMB who oversaw performance and evidence issues, a former member of the OMB evidence team, and a former special advisor for evidence-based policy at a federal agency.




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