Risk mitigation starts with preparation, and that preparation starts with practice. Without the ability to follow a thoughtful, structured incident response protocol, organizations are not mitigating the potential legal exposures, evidentiary issues, costs and ongoing risks to their operations and reputation that arise from a cyber incident.

Once an organization’s systems are compromised, the organization must act simultaneously on several fronts – managing containment and eradication activities, restoration and recovery steps, as well as potential litigation exposure and regulatory compliance considerations. Grant Thornton cyber teams guide organizations through these complexities with experience and perspective.
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Amidst ever-evolving regulations and expectations, it is important to proactively monitor your compliance and benchmark your privacy program. Our privacy compliance assessment can address GDPR, CCPA, ISO27701, LGPD, PIPEDA, PDPA and other regulations, while our privacy benchmarking can help gauge your ongoing progress.
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Even the most advanced privacy program must be appropriately implemented and maintained in order to be effective. Our privacy program implementation, CCPA jump-start content packs and privacy managed services help bring your protection plan to life.
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To be comprehensive and efficient, today’s privacy programs call upon automation. Our data classification automation and data retention operationalization services can streamline the difficult work of putting your plan into action. And our individual rights management automation and global privacy regulations tracking help ensure that your protection stays up-to-date.
Our solutions and tools
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Proactive cyber assessment
Evaluate your environment for the presence of attacker activity.
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Pre-incident response exercises
Conduct executive and operational exercises for cyber incidents to improve your response capabilities for cyber incidents.
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Adversary emulation assessment
Test organizational security controls against threat actor tactics and techniques to assess effectiveness.
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Pre-incident response program
Improve your incident response plans, playbooks, reporting, and metrics for an effective incident response program.
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Incident response
Deploy cyber forensics specialists for complete investigations, containment, eradication, privilege protection, crisis management, evidence collection, insurance claims and expert testimony.
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Incident recovery
Restore systems and perform post-mortem analyses to resume timely business operations and enhance cyber resilience going forward.