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Everyday heroes
"Bringing hope to hundreds."
A mother on the frontlines.

Our New York Financial Manager Walter Vogel’s hero is his mother, Tanya Vogel. And she is our hero too. Tanya has been a head nurse for more than 20 years at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, NY, one of the epicenters for the COVID-19 patient treatment in the city. COVD-19 has brought an overwhelming number of patients through the hospital doors, with lines extending well into the streets. The pressure felt during these difficult times is like no other, and yet Tanya selflessly extends her working hours to be onsite for her patients and fellow nurses.

Despite the challenges, she still maintains a positive attitude and mentions how grateful she is for the community support. Tanya, we are so grateful for you. You are an Everyday Hero and we thank you for your extraordinary efforts.
Walter and Mom