Is your tax function optimized?

Getting tax optimization right can take many forms and make tax a strategic partner

Female executive Executives are challenged every day to drive optimal performance in every functional area, including tax. Given the tech and information age as well as constant changes in regulatory requirements, an executive needs a tax operating model that drives performance and works best for the specific business. The question you must answer is: What approach is right for me?

In today’s environment there is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing a tax function. Different companies vary in their requirements and needs depending on how they are structured. Public companies, private companies and even private-equity-owned companies all differ. Factors vary way beyond entity structure. The key is to understand those factors and plot your journey to find the best approach for you.

Consider your current state To understand where you want to go, start with a detailed understanding of where you are right now, by answering questions such as these:

  1. What areas of tax does the tax function currently manage?
  2. What value does the tax function provide?
  3. What is the fully loaded cost of your tax function?

Once you define where you want your tax function to be, you can better identify the gaps in your current state.

Learn how to optimize your tax function.

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