The successful deal

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The successful dealFor every successful M&A transaction, there are many that fail. Failure means a deal did not achieve the investment targets established at the outset. Worse, a failed acquisition often erodes the acquirer’s shareholder value. Based on this definition, studies on M&A transactions indicate that most mergers fail. In fact, study after study suggests that a whopping 90% of mergers fail to meet their investment targets.

“It may not come as a surprise that most M&A transactions fail, but the truth is they don’t have to,” says Srikant Sastry, Grant Thornton LLP’s national managing principal of Advisory Services. “If an M&A transaction is well-planned, both at the diligence and integration phases, then there is a higher probability the execution will result in a successful outcome.”

So, why do acquisitions fail? To gain more insight, Grant Thornton spoke with experienced professionals who work on these transactions every day. This white paper provides readers with a better understanding of the steps that should be taken to increase the odds of a successful outcome.

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