Preparing for Succession Planning and Leadership Challenges

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Grant Thornton's 2017 State of NFP: Succession planningThe baby boomer generation (born between approximately 1946 and 1964) is retiring in rapidly increasing numbers. These retirements are creating dramatic gaps in leadership and instability in the executive ranks of not-for-profit organizations.

Leadership changes at not-for-profit organizations can be problematic, especially with individuals who are the public face of the organization or drivers of fundraising success. It is vital for your organization to prepare for the loss of institutional knowledge, as well as a shortage of top talent who understand the complexities of your mission and business.

Ensure that your organization has an effective succession process that includes leading practices; read the full article for guidance in prioritizing key positions, assessing risk of retirement or voluntary turnover, defining key competencies, identifying internal talent and cultivating connections to discover external candidates, implementing a development plan, cross-training employees and documenting policies and responsibilities.

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