Museums and Cultural Institutions: Personalized Patron Experiences in Museums and Other Cultural Venues

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Grant Thornton's 2017 State of NFP: Cultural institutionsExpectations in visiting a cultural institution are very different from those of even a few years ago. Previously, visitors might have been satisfied with returning to their favorite exhibits, venues and performances, passively taking in what was offered. Today, that won’t do. Patrons assume a more customer-centric focus and expect some tailoring to their tastes and preferences.

Across the cultural sector, organizations must now work harder to engage and retain visitors. The one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past, as is the standard, tried-and-true offering. Visitors are looking for something beyond the shared group experience or repeating experiences that they have had in the past. It will take new thinking about how best to serve today’s patrons to drive attendance and foster repeat visits, attract a more diverse constituency, increase membership and build stronger connections with donors.  

Read the full article for inspiration and consideration of fresh and innovative ways to appeal to patrons and supporters.

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