Time-Traveling to Higher Education 2050

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Grant Thornton's State of Higher Education 2017 - Higher Ed 2050From the vantage point of 2017, let’s look ahead to higher education in 2050, with our view based on current trends and indicators. To set the stage, we make the reasonable assumptions that courses will be delivered differently, students will have new demands and parents will still be paying the major cost of college.

So here we are with a couple of students taking us with them on the first day of classes in 2050. Here’s what they tell us:

In the old system, it would be September of the 2050–51 school year. But that was then. Now our schedules are personalized; we begin and end our sessions when it works for us. This is just one of the differences between college life for us and the one our parents led. 

Read the full article to join the tour and see how today’s emerging trends can be projected for a preview of future developments.

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