2020 Outlook: Take control of your tech innovation

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Team discussion In a growing range of markets, “Everybody needs to innovate, to stay ahead of others that are disrupting their market – predominantly through technology,” said Grant Thornton Advisory Services Principal Roy Nicholson.

Even the technology innovations that are already underway might need to pivot this year. Organizations must adapt to a mix of changing factors with a combination of proven steps and evolving approaches.

To help you choose the right approach to tech innovation in 2020, we have published a whitepaper that outlines the:

  • Evolving technologies
  • Changing business challenges
  • Emerging technology risks
  • Proven steps and new approaches

Advisory 2020 Tech innovation chart Many organizations have already launched initiatives to employ automation, AI, blockchain, big data, cloud computing and more, and many initiatives have led to proven returns. They have also driven efficiencies which free up the cash to fund further innovation, more strategic business models or new services. But, to choose the right approach for you, you must understand the changing technologies, challenges and risks.

Advisory 2020 Tech innovation chart Click the Download button above to read our analysis of which technologies are the most ready to return on your investment and find out How to take control of tech innovation in 2020.


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