2016 Government Contractors Survey

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Grant Thornton’s Government Contractors Survey presents a wealth of financial and non-financial information provided by government contractors located across the country. The government contractors that participated are small, medium and large companies and include both privately owned as well as publicly held companies. We also included in our survey new developments in government contracting in order to assist the reader in staying current with the seemingly ever-changing priorities and processes followed by government personnel who interact with government contractors. We sincerely appreciate the participation of the many companies that contributed to our survey.

Read our 2016 Government Contractor Survey report to learn what surveyed companies have to say about:

  • Revenue from government contracts
  • Profit rates
  • Trends in number of full-time employees
  • Trends in indirect cost rates
  • Impact of revised maximum executive compensation on indirect cost rates
  • Accounting for uncompensated overtime
  • Proposal win rates
  • Funding notices on cost reimbursable and T&M contracts
  • Identifying claims for out-of-scope work
  • Relationship with DCAA auditor
  • Relationship with contract officer
  • M&A activity
  • DCAA’s role in the procurement process