Walking the Line: Inspectors General Balancing Independence and Impact 2016 Report

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The inspectors general serve as the canary in the coal mine, warning federal leaders of agency risks and vulnerabilities. They also have a unique, long-term perspective on their organizations since they typically remain in place through changes in leadership. In this report, “Walking the Line: Inspectors General Balancing Independence and Impact,” the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton Public Sector set out to identify ways incoming agency leaders and Congress can form constructive relationships with the IG community.

The nation’s 72 federal inspectors general provide critical oversight of government agencies, helping uncover waste,
fraud and abuse, saving taxpayers billions of dollars each year, and pinpointing areas for improvement, all so agencies can better serve the needs of Americans.

With a new presidential administration set to take office in January 2017, newly appointed leaders will be getting ready to manage large and complex agencies. The IGs can be a tremendous resource for these leaders if each party is able to find a way to walk the line between improving agency programs and operations, and respecting each other’s needs and concerns.

There are a number of steps that agency leaders, inspectors general, Congress and the White House can take to maximize the positive impact of the IGs on the federal government.

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