2015 Federal CIO and CISO survey - Expanding the role of the CIO

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This is the 25th Anniversary of the federal government Chief Information Officer (CIO) community survey, sponsored and led by the Professional Services Council (PSC) and Grant Thornton LLP. This survey of CIOs, CISOs, and key IT executives in the federal government saw the role of the CIO evolving into one that must not only support mission critical functions, but also expand to address innovation in providing services to meet that mission. Since our first survey, IT has progressed from mainframes, personal computers and floppy disks to a highly complex landscape of managed services, integrated mobile workforces, scalable technology and persistent cybersecurity threats.

In today’s tight budgetary climate, CIOs are being called on to find innovative ways to use technology to perform operations faster and more effectively. Those we interviewed are looking to the cloud and modular development to help them achieve these results. All survey participants responded that their agency has adopted or is planning to adopt a cloud-based solution, but only 8 percent are where they want to be.

Modular development, especially based on the Agile methodology, continues to gain steam, with most CIOs reporting that Agile is being used somewhere in their organization. Some Agile projects are producing dramatic results in speed of delivery and customer satisfaction. In the area of mobility, more than half of those surveyed commented they were near or exactly where they want to be in regards to telework, but have a ways to go in being able to deliver digital services to their stakeholders. Top priorities and challenges facing CIOs: cybersecurity, revitalizing the workforce, modernizing the IT environments, acquisition, and mobility.

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