Medical devices in Massachusetts – 2019 study reveals some disappointing trends

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Focus stethoscope doctor table on laptop.With over 400 medical device companies calling Massachusetts home, the scale is impressive and while life sciences continues to play a vital role in the state’s economy contributing significantly to the region’s growth and prosperity, certain Massachusetts medical device key performance indicators (KPIs) are falling. Get a glimpse of the numbers based on our research report.

We are proud to partner with MassMEDIC for their 2019 member survey.


According to the MassMEDIC study, overall Massachusetts fares well however, many indicators are revealing disappointing trends, such as reductions in patent approvals.

Key takeaways:

  • Massachusetts leads all other states in medical products exports as a percentage of total exports
  • Massachusetts is a strong source of talent for future growth, jumping up in rank from third to second for jobs in the medical device industry this year.
  • Key indicators for innovation are declining.
  • MassMEDIC and Grant Thornton are facilitating a working group to explore root causes and identify opportunities to stimulate industry growth.