Managing regulatory and cyberrisk: The General Counsel in an uncertain world

Managing regulatory and cyber riskWith an estimated loss to businesses of $3 trillion by 2020, cybercrime is clearly an issue that is keeping corporate attorneys up at night. This was just one key insight from the Grant Thornton 2017 Corporate General Counsel Survey of nearly 200 top corporate attorneys.

During a recent Grant Thornton webinar, Johnny Lee, principal and national practice leader, Forensic Technology Services, and Erin Lentz, partner, Forensic Advisory Services shared their insights from the survey, including General Counsel’s role in assessing, managing and monitoring regulatory and cybersecurity risks.

In light of increasing risk concerns, the role of the corporate General Counsel has evolved to include new, important areas of focus and responsibility such as data privacy and security. Yet, the survey revealed that while nearly 75% of legal departments cite cyber concerns as a top risk, less than ¼ are satisfied with their organization’s current risk assessment processes.

Leading organizations understand risk assessment isn’t just a compliance exercise–it’s a chance to gain a competitive edge. Lee and Lentz identified actionable steps to improve risk assessment and prepare for cybersecurity threats.

Listen to the webcast below to:
  • Explore how to drive strategy, using data analytics, as a catalyst for growth
  • Learn the top reasons for organizations’ lack of cyberrisk preparedness
  • Discover how to adopt an asset-centric approach to cyberrisk management
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Understand how to adopt top actions to mitigate cyber-related risks

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