Financial services: Poised and prepared for the next great leap?

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Powerful trends are putting extreme pressure on financial services organizations as regulatory demands continue to change, disruptive competitors multiply and technology advancements escalate. Whether regulatory, compliance, security, financial or operational, quickly fluctuating risks are forcing financial services executives to face challenges never before imagined.

Prioritizing product and service innovation, alongside compliance and leveraging risk management tools to gain competitive advantage, are just some of the great challenges facing financial services leaders today.

To help industry executives identify opportunities and plan for 2017 and beyond, Grant Thornton LLP deployed its annual Governance, Risk and Compliance Survey, highlighting trends, activities and challenges facing today’s leaders. The goal of the GRC Survey is to assess the management of GRC activities and processes across these roles and functions.

This report from the GRC Survey focuses on the financial services industry, where there is a growing desire among executives to see GRC assume more significant roles in helping organizations achieve their strategic business goals.

The good news for the financial services industry, compared with other industries surveyed in the full study, is that it is poised to seize this moment in ways others are not.

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