Power of partnerships: CFO, CIO drive digital change

Chess pawnFaced with continuing disruption, customer experience demands and an urgency to leverage emerging technologies to remain competitive, today’s organizations recognize that it’s crunch time when it comes to driving digital transformation. But who owns the digital transformation agenda—the CFO or CIO?

The digitization of the enterprise is drastically changing the role of both CFO and CIO, both of whom are key stakeholders in digital transformation initiatives.  To succeed, they must not only better collaborate with each other but with their C-suite peers in order to derive quantifiable and measurable value from technology investments. In order to drive the digital transformation agenda, the CFO must be aligned with the CIO in prioritizing use cases and adopting a new ROI mindset.

“The speed of technology change will demand increased frequency of touchpoints between the CFO and CIO to review budget forecasts and planning,” said Chris Stephenson, principal, Business Consulting. “As technologies evolve, the CFO and CIO will serve as two quarterbacks but it will require the entire C-suite working together to make a digital transformation successful.”

“With today’s speed of technology change and the need to be competitive, CIOs find themselves moving from being an IT call center to becoming a trust center within the organization,” explained LaVerne Council, national managing principal, Enterprise Technology Strategy & Innovation. “They really have to have a point of view about how they best use the newest technologies to drive the growth that the business is looking for.”

Listen to Chris and LaVerne discuss how the imperative to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation is changing the role of the CFO and CIO.


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