New technologies, new finance intelligence

CFOs focus on system complexity and new technologies

Businessman on stepsAs always, the challenge for CFOs remains to achieve the delicate balance between optimizing operations today and freeing up resources to invest in the technologies that will shape competitive success in the market tomorrow. How can CFOs allocate resources most efficiently to win customers and business advantage?

Our latest study 2018 CFO Insights on New Technologies revealed that, by focusing more on playing a strategic role in running the business, CFOs can have a broader impact. We surveyed 304 CFOs and senior finance executives in collaboration with CFO Research. CFOs indicated they had plans to play a larger role in their organizations by supporting a steady pace towards the overall digital transformation of the enterprise. Yet, first, they expressed their concern with establishing a solid technological foundation. Today, their top concern is technology integration and system complexity rationalization.

In particular, CFOs considered the improvements that new technologies could bring to the finance function, including compliance with regulatory legislation and cyberrisk. Yet, the data also showed that their role can transcend their financial reporting and compliance responsibilities so that they can have an effect on key business results that will enhance broader corporate strategy.

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