CFOs see promise and profits in process automation

Tips for automating the finance function

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Successful businessman on stairsA new Grant Thornton/CFO Research study — 2018 CFO Insights on New Technologies — found that CFOs embrace automation to boost quality, increase throughput, and expand their capacity for taking on new business. In the online survey of 304 US senior finance executives, half of responding executives chose “improved operational performance” as an enterprise goal that most strongly influences their organization’s current strategy regarding investing in (or continuing to invest in) digital transformation.

CFOs are ready and interested to adopt automation at a manageable pace that supports their organization’s growth. Yet, when implementing automation the first thing to consider is deploying it in a mindful way to compensate for existing gaps and shortfalls, which is the best way to reap the desired ROI for such investments. Doing so also necessitates keeping the human factor for decision making at the heart of the matter, our research shows.

Other than to improve operational performance, CFOs automate to reduce costs, improve customer experience, obtain better data quality for strategic analysis, increase process speed and efficiency, and reduce errors.

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